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Common Generator Rental Scenario

Mobile electric generator with power cable on street

JC Davis Power provides an all-in-one mobile power generator rental service that includes delivery, setup, fueling, pickup, and everything in between to help you keep the power on at your job site or mobile office. This is not the industry standard, as most of the time, you’ll have to hire multiple people or companies in order to keep your generator running. 

In this part 2 to our Common Cost Overruns with Mobile Power Generation blog post, we’d like to walk readers through a common scenario that could happen when renting a generator from companies other than JC Davis Power. 

Common Mobile Power Generator Rental Scenario

In order to help readers understand how a common mobile generator rental plays out, imagine the following scenario: 

  • You require power for a mobile office trailer. The first consideration you’ll have to make is what size generator do you need, and how much will it cost to rent this generator? 
  • You call the generator company, and they provide you with a fair estimate. You agree to the rental, and they let you know that there’s a fee for transportation of the generator from their warehouse to your job site. 
  • Before the call ends, you learn that the generator won’t be at your job site for at least 4 or 5 business days. The rental company lets you know this is an industry average turnaround time. You expected to have it in the next two days, so you have to push your start date back until next week. 
  • Unfortunately, the generator company called you to let you know that your generator has to be delayed. It won’t be at your job site for an additional 2 days, making the rental company’s turnaround time a full business week. 
  • In order to meet your deadline, considering the substantial delays, you have to run the generator for an additional hour past the half-day mark. You learn from the rental company that there will be an extra fee for this run time. 
  • Once the generator arrives, you realize that it’s far too powerful than the amount of power your job site requires. You’re not a mobile generator expert, so you just listened to what the sales representative told you. In order to save money, you request to down size the generator to something more appropriate for your needs. The rental company tells you it’s not a problem, but you’ll have to pay for transportation of the new generator to the site as well. 
  • Now that you’ve got the proper generator up and running, you run into a snag as someone on your team forgot to put fuel in the generator after 2 working days of run time. This leads to a half-day of unproductive downtime and loss of potential labor as the generator is refueled by your crew. 
  • You’ll require this generator for a month, being operated for 8-10 hours per day, then realize that security cameras, overnight crews, cleaning people will need power so they go with 24/7, which doubles the rental rate. Once you refuel the first time, you realize it was $200 to fill it up. It only operated for 1 full day so you’ll have to refuel it approximately 10-15 times. You do the math, and realize by the time the job is completed, you’ll have spent roughly $2,000-3,000 on the price of fueling the generator alone. 
  • As the job wraps up, you think back on how the work played out. You find it tough to think of specific moments of this particular job, and realize it’s because you spent countless hours worrying about the generator. You ask yourself “What was my time investment in this generator, just to keep the lights on? “
  • Given all these different factors, your generator rental ends up being an astounding $10,000 more than the initial ticket price provided to you in your estimate, severely cutting into your profit. 

This is a common occurrence for those that rent mobile generators for the first time. While the price and estimate the generator company provides you may seem fair, and even affordable, there are hidden costs from their company, as well as the many operating costs associated with generator rentals. 

Choose JC Davis Power For An All-In-One Generator Rental Service In Texas and The Surrounding States

Through years of industry experience, we’ve learned the ins-and-outs of generator rentals, as well as common pain points that customers may experience. Things like fuel and transportation being not included in the estimate often come as a surprise to customers once they get their bill at the end of their rental period. At JC Davis Power, we provide you with an upfront cost in your estimate that includes every single thing that your generator will require to stay up and running. Our goal is to provide you with more than a generator; we aim to provide our customers with safe and reliable power. To learn more about our generator rental services in Texas and the surrounding areas, give us a call or contact us online today.