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Frequently Asked Questions

What states does JC Davis Power provide generator service?

JC Davis Power offers generator rentals all across Texas and surrounding states.

Do I need to budget for the cost of fuel?

No. We provide clear, upfront pricing to power mobile office trailers for the length of your project, including the price of fuel. Simple pricing allows you to forecast the cost of power with no surprises.

What services are included in the flat, monthly rental rate?

24/7 unlimited system use, delivery costs, connection and installation services, all required wiring, disconnection and pickup services, remote monitoring, AND the actual system rental.

Are there any costs outside of the flat monthly rate that clients could be responsible for?

No. There are no hidden fees or up-charges that will arise, at all.

Does JC Davis Power hire third-party electricians to hookup and install mobile power systems?

No. Our team of specialists is well equipped to secure necessary wiring and hookup our generators and light towers ourselves.

How reliable are JC Davis Power generators?

Our generators maintain an average project uptime of 99.9987%.

How can I get in contact with JC Davis Power?

You can fill out our Contact form or call our office at (469) 782-7660.