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At JC Davis Power, our on-time power and lighting services help businesses get worksites up and running in as little time as possible, cutting down on inefficiency and cost overruns. We manage the entire mobile power generation process for you, so your staff can focus on project progress instead of dedicating time and effort to installing and maintaining power systems.

Easy & Stress-Free Process

Our mobile power experts take care of the whole process of delivering and installing power systems for our clients. We manage generators’ fuel levels, monitor their uptime status, and provide maintenance if it ever becomes a necessity. With our solutions, you can relax knowing that you’ll have no trouble powering your worksite.

Keep Projects Ahead of Schedule

We know the importance of keeping a job ahead of schedule, and our reliable managed mobile power solutions can assist you in doing just that. Save time by not having to deal with other unreliable power service providers and equipment, or waiting for fuel deliveries and service requests to be fulfilled. We’ll handle all of the work that goes into keeping the power going and the lights on, so you can focus on getting the job done.

Our Mobile Power Solutions

We offer two distinct mobile power solutions to our clients in Texas, and surrounding states, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico: mobile office power generators and lighting towers. Consider which solution would make the biggest difference for your business in its time of need.

Mobile Office Power Generation

Our process allows for the most high-functioning and reliable industrial generators on the market. We take pride in 99.9+% uptime of our machines, and we know that the dependability of our service assures our clients that they made the responsible choice working with us. Our mobile power generation services are used in a wide range of settings, industries, and situations, so we make sure to take care of each of our systems. Offering immediate maintenance responses, on-time fuel replacement, and installation hookups help us ensure the functionality of systems for as long as you might need them.

Site Lighting Services

We have the perfect selection of lighting solutions and services for any outdoor project that needs visibility for safety or security purposes. Quality lighting at construction sites, parking lots, and more can mitigate the risks of handling heavy machinery and complex tools. Our process established seamless lighting solutions that stay bright and shining whenever they are needed. Keep your staff safe with the best lighting solution after the sun sets.

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We remotely monitor the power system to ensure you always have power when you need it.



We manage all fuel deliveries and regular maintenance so you don’t have to.

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JC Davis Powered Clients

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