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One of the most pressing challenges when it comes to setting up off-campus worksites is securing ample power for equipment and mobile offices. How can a mobile office or temporary building get the required power for A/C, lighting, computing equipment, and more when it’s positioned somewhere off the grid? At JC Davis Power, we solve this problem and more for companies in all different kinds of industries. We offer small and large-scale mobile power generation for mobile office buildings, light towers, and more. Find out how JC Davis Power can assist your project with our cost-saving systems by contacting our expert team.

Mobile Power Generators

At JC Davis Power, our mobile power generators provide long-lasting, reliable performance to the businesses that need them in order to operate. Our mobile generators are useful for a wide range of applications and industries. Whether you are operating a new construction site, conducting renovations on a campus full of commercial buildings, or simply executing on a road building project, our systems guarantee your trailers will never be without power.

Portable Light Towers

Our portable light towers, some of the most trusted in the industry, are a great way to light any off-the-grid worksite and facilitate jobsite safety. These light towers come with their very own power generators that keep them functioning on a consistent basis. For this reason, we’ve seen them assist parking lot operations, medical testing sites, even school campus grounds.

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Industries We Serve


Construction sites are dependent on management teams and project managers to get jobs done in an orderly fashion. Mobile office trailers provide construction sites with the centralized location companies need in order to effectively manage projects. Our mobile power generators support 24/7 use of mobile offices and allow construction companies to focus on building.

Oil & Gas

Worksites related to oil and gas are very often set up in places away from cities and main utility lines. Our power generation services help oil and gas companies get the most out of their mobile office as possible. Our light towers also play a part in keeping worksites bright, keeping both equipment and employees safer and more productive.


Many schools and other educational institutions make use of portable classrooms positioned just outside the school’s primary building. The benefit of these “portables” is that they ensure that each school’s enrollment capacity and class-to-teacher ratios are flexible, independent of their main building’s size. To power these mobile structures, it is often necessary to secure a high-functioning generator like the ones offered at JC Davis Power.


Sometimes medical institutions set up open-air operations outdoors for a myriad of reasons: drive-in accessibility to patients, limiting illness spread at medical testing sites, or just the general remoteness of some of their temporary locations. To maximize an outdoor medical outfit’s ability to treat patients efficiently, leaders should consider the use of mobile power generators to provide centralization to their mobile offices, powered equipment, and other technology.

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Why Choose JC Davis Power

Controlled Costs

At JC Davis Power, we don’t upcharge our clients for system deliveries, installations, maintenance services, or fuel replacement. Instead, provide our clients with an up front project estimate with all services included. That way, there are no surprises or hidden costs associated with your rental. The time you save by not having to manage guarantee that you save money and time by choosing us.

Worry-Free Process

Our power system acquisition process is so simple that anyone could do it, whether they’re an experienced project manager or an entry-level employee following through on orders. Simply call our office, answer some questions, and submit your finalized order over the phone. Immediately, we’ll take steps to fulfill your order and get it delivered to your worksite location without additional charges.

Quick Turnaround

We know how important it is for off-campus businesses to stay on top of deadlines, so they can stay within budgeted funding and time allowances. Without meeting timelines, one project can disrupt a business’s entire next quarter, if not more. Our company makes it our priority to get power solutions to our clients as soon as possible, so we maintain same-day turnaround times.

JC Davis Powered Clients

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