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About Our Mobile Office Power Generation

Conducting extensive projects in offsite locations, such as construction sites, school portables, or medical testing locations, can be a daunting task for any organization. Coordinating interdisciplinary teams, enforcing safety measures, and sticking to project timelines can be difficult enough for any project manager. In the planning and execution of these projects, however, managers and assistants shouldn’t spend valuable time delivering, connecting, and maintaining power solutions.

At JC Davis, our expert team delivers, installs, monitors, and maintains mobile generators with the power necessary to handle your worksite’s energy demands. We offer cost-saving products and comprehensive packages that take the guesswork out of your decision on how to power your offsite systems. With JC Davis Power, you can focus on your company’s priorities while we manage the energy provisions your mobile offices and trailers desperately need. If you’re in the market for large-scale portable generators that get the job done, call our office ASAP to get started securing your system.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Simple Rental Process

When you call our team and submit your order, you have the freedom to be completely hands-off and focus on the essential tasks of the project at hand. No need to coordinate delivery services with a third-party company or buy equipment that will connect your generator to your systems. Our team of specialists takes care of delivery, setup, hookup, and even disconnection and removal. We’ll keep you up-to-date with process information, however, we do everything in our power to provide our clients with the peace of mind needed to focus on their actual business.

No Hidden Fees

JC Davis Power won’t upcharge you at every step of the process for the services that we provide. Instead, we offer comprehensive, all-inclusive pricing packages that leave no room for hidden fees. That way, you can rest assured that our flat monthly rate will stay the same no matter what delivery, fuel, or maintenance services your rented power system may need. Our commitment to your satisfaction and cost-saving results is extremely important to our company, so we offer these services to you no matter where your worksite might be.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Even though our high-grade industrial generators rarely experience issues, we don’t just install our mobile power systems and leave you to deal with them. Our team monitors the uptime and functionality of all of our generator rentals remotely, making sure that we stay up-to-date on their status and ready to address any problems. If issues do arise, our specialists will quickly travel out to your worksite and conduct all required maintenance services to get your generator and project back on track, all with no additional costs.

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Industries We Serve


Our generator services provide power to office trailers that construction companies can use to house their offsite headquarters, as well as site lighting for laydown yards despite the duration of the project.


Portable classrooms can be found at almost any school in the country, but getting them the power solutions they need to function consistently has its own challenges. Get mobile power generators you can trust with JC Davis Power so you can focus on delivering results for students.

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas worksites can be off-the-grid and away from any mainline electrical facilities. By connecting with our generator systems, your team's mobile offices and lighting solutions can get all the power they need to run efficiently, no matter where you’re located.


These days, it’s becoming more common for medical testing centers to set up drive-in operations in parking lots and other temporary locations. With our reliable outdoor power systems, temporary structures, lighting towers, and mobile offices can all get the resources they need.

We Serve Texas & Surrounding States

At JC Davis Power, we don’t limit our client services to any one city or suburb. We have technicians and equipment all over Texas and surrounding states to deliver and service mobile generators for businesses.

Check out some of the cities that our clients have set up worksites in:

JC Davis Powered Clients

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