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JC Davis Power provides outdoor power solutions for businesses and organizations all over the state of Texas. We do this by both renting and servicing large-scale power generators and standalone light towers. From Austin and San Antonio to the Dallas / Fort Worth area, our service allows companies to work in places off the electrical grid, secure lighting and power for offsite locations, and complete projects that otherwise would cost them significantly more in time trying to source these services individually.

Our Generator Services

We offer our clients a wide range of generator and lighting tower services that don’t come with any additional charges. Whether you need one of our systems delivered, installed, maintained, monitored, serviced, or even picked up, you can relax knowing that our prompt and professional staff has you and your operation covered. We also offer mobile power delivery services all over Texas, no matter where your worksite might be located. Some of our most popular locations include Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco and San Antonio, but we also travel to North Texas, West Texas, Central Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley as well. Do you need power or industrial lighting at your construction site, oil & gas operation, or parking lot? Are you looking for a provider that is familiar with the utility demands you might be experiencing? If so, fill out the attached form to learn how you can save money and time with our mobile power systems.

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Why Choose Us?

Control Costs

By choosing JC Davis Power for your mobile power needs, you are securing some of the most durable generators and mobile light towers on the market backed by a full-service promise so you never need to be concerned about power or lighting for the duration of the project. Our mobile power systems, generators and light tower services don’t include any upcharges or extra fees common in the power generation industry. No need to pay extra for delivery, installation, fuel or maintenance services when you work with us - we provide upfront prices that remain constant throughout your project.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Our team won’t just drop generator rentals off and leave you to manage it. We provide our clients with remote monitoring systems that keep track of systems’ functionality, maintenance needs, and other circumstances. Often, our monitoring systems allow us to address your problems before they go as far as to slow down or incapacitate your power systems. This layer of protection is what allows us to maintain one of the leading generator uptimes in our industry. To further protect your investment, we also offer robust maintenance services and fuel replacements. No matter what issues arise, you can trust JC Davis Power to handle them promptly and efficiently, giving your team the peace of mind it needs to focus on getting the jobs done.

Dedicate Time to Results

We know how important it is for your business to run efficiently when operating at an offsite location. When setting up shop outdoors or an off-the-grid location, every single dollar and minute counts towards a predetermined budget. Our team delivers needed maintenance and fuel replacement to each of our clients’ sites as soon as our remote monitoring systems notify us. With our systems, you’ll be able to enjoy maximum uptime and power supplies while prioritizing what’s really important to your company, delivering results, and finishing projects on budget and ahead of schedule.

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