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About Our Portable LED Light Towers

Executing projects at offsite locations can present significant challenges to all types of businesses, no matter their industry. It can involve setting up mobile office trailers and operating equipment in places that are off-the-grid. Offsite work can also require staff to set up shop in places that subject team members to circumstantial weather elements, irregular working hours, and varying levels of sunlight.

At JC Davis Power, we provide businesses with a hands-off lighting service. We use state-of-the-art, fully automated light towers that keep worksites or temporary parking lots well lit, safe, and productive throughout the darker hours. Our portable light towers combine high-efficiency LED lighting to provide better visibility, clean bright light, and significantly reduced fuel consumption with automated timers and remote monitoring to provide THE MOST cost effective option for long term lighting. Are you ready to bring light and security to your worksite, increase productivity and save time? If so, contact JC Davis Power today for your project quote!

Why Our Clients Love Us

Easy Acquisition Process

We make the process of ordering your portable light tower so simple that anyone on your staff can do it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a project manager coordinating an entire construction site or an entry-level assistant carrying through on necessities. Just call our office, answer some easy questions for us, and submit your order over the phone. Before you know it, we’ll have your portable lighting system delivered to your site and set up accordingly.

Comprehensive, Flat-Rate Pricing

When you choose JC Davis Power, you won’t have to worry about the random, unplanned charges that are standard in the mobile power industry. We deliver, install, hookup, and even pick up our light tower rentals for no additional charge. By doing this, we allow clients to focus exclusively on the important tasks that they have to complete.

Managed Upkeep & Monitoring

To provide maximum value to our clients, we responsibly manage the upkeep and maintenance of our portable light towers. Once we’ve set up our portable light towers, your project site remains well-lit until the job is completed. We monitor the uptime status of our light systems remotely, and are notified immediately if any issues arise. Project managers and foreman can have peace of mind knowing that if an issue occurs, JC Davis Power be on the site to fix it as soon as possible.

Do You Need Mobile Lighting Towers in TX or Surrounding States?

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Industries We Serve


Our light towers have the range and brightness needed to light every part of your construction site, no matter the time of days. For enhanced safety and optimized productivity, our lighting towers are the best choice out there.

Oil & Gas

Worksites in the oil & gas industry are often positioned in off-the-grid, remote locations where underground resources are plentiful and untapped. Use our light towers for maximum visibility in these kinds of areas.


Public schools and colleges alike deserve the freedom to host events, classes, and activities after sundown. Choose our light towers to provide effective security to dimly lit, distant portions of your school’s campus.


Often, medical testing sites and temporary hospitals are set up in outdoor spaces such as parking lots or fields. Our light towers are a perfect solution for the outdoor lighting needs your medical team has in hard to reach areas.

Light Tower Rental Services in TX & Surrounding States

At JC Davis Power, we extend our light tower deliveries to worksites and locations all over Texas and surrounding states. With our simplified ordering process, it’s easier than ever to get standalone lighting systems with attached generators to your location. Don’t get taken advantage of by companies upcharging your light tower rental at every turn. Work with our experienced team to effectively handle all the aspects of your light tower rental, from delivery to installation and maintenance, so that you can focus on your work.

Check out some of the cities that our clients have set up worksites in:

  • Austin
  • Dallas / Fort Worth
  • San Antonio
  • Waco
  • Oklahoma City
  • And More!
JC Davis Powered Clients

"When I call JC Davis Power I don’t have to worry about power on my site. It’s just done. You’re not a number with JC Davis, you’re a true customer."

Andrew P.


"One call to get your problems fixed. Go with a partner like JC Davis, they don’t just provide equipment, they provide a capability that allows us to do our job well."

Daniel S.

Admin Assistant

"Working with JC Davis has allowed me to focus on managing projects and meeting deadlines without worrying about servicing existing power generators. Knowing that power will be delivered, setup and maintained for a flat, fair price helps keep projects on budget and on schedule."

Michael M.

Project Manager

Do You Need Mobile Lighting Towers in TX or Surrounding States?

Contact JC Davis Power today to secure your rental and schedule a dropoff to your location.