JC Davis Power provides an all-in-one mobile power generator rental service that includes delivery, setup, fueling, pickup, and everything in between to help you keep the power on at your job site or mobile office. This is not the industry standard, as most of the time, you’ll have to hire multiple people or companies in order to keep your generator running. 

In this part 2 to our Common Cost Overruns with Mobile Power Generation blog post, we’d like to walk readers through a common scenario that could happen when renting a generator from companies other than JC Davis Power. 

Common Mobile Power Generator Rental Scenario

In order to help readers understand how a common mobile generator rental plays out, imagine the following scenario: 

This is a common occurrence for those that rent mobile generators for the first time. While the price and estimate the generator company provides you may seem fair, and even affordable, there are hidden costs from their company, as well as the many operating costs associated with generator rentals. 

Choose JC Davis Power For An All-In-One Generator Rental Service In Texas and The Surrounding States

Through years of industry experience, we’ve learned the ins-and-outs of generator rentals, as well as common pain points that customers may experience. Things like fuel and transportation being not included in the estimate often come as a surprise to customers once they get their bill at the end of their rental period. At JC Davis Power, we provide you with an upfront cost in your estimate that includes every single thing that your generator will require to stay up and running. Our goal is to provide you with more than a generator; we aim to provide our customers with safe and reliable power. To learn more about our generator rental services in Texas and the surrounding areas, give us a call or contact us online today.