Losing power can bring your business operations to a grinding halt. Without electricity, you can’t run equipment, process orders or keep the lights on. For some companies, even a minor power outage leads to significant revenue losses and disruption.

Never lose power

That’s why having a contingency plan for backup power is critical. Renting an industrial generator provides customizable, temporary power to keep your business up and running if the grid goes down. A modular, turn-key solution allows rapid deployment with minimal lead time, installation and permitting.

Why Rent an Industrial Generator?

Renting a generator offers flexibility and cost-savings compared to purchasing. With a rental:

Renting also avoids major upfront capital investment. Purchasing generators, switchgear, cabling, and accessories can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. With a rental, you convert this fixed cost into a flexible operating expense.

And you don’t need to maintain equipment you may rarely use. Since generators are only utilized during outages, they may sit unused for months or years. Rentals remove the headache of upkeep and finding storage space.

Customizable Power Solutions

Every business has unique power needs. Facilities have different load requirements based on their:

That’s why a one-size-fits all generator won’t cut it. The optimal solution is a modular, turn-key industrial generator that can scale to your requirements.

Renting provides tailored systems to deliver reliable backup and standby power. Generators and accessories like distribution panels, transformers and fuel tanks can be combined as needed.

What is a Turn-Key Rental Generator?

“turn-key” rental generator arrives at your facility ready to supply power. Also referred to as “plug-and-play,” it requires minimal time and effort to activate.

Rapid Deployment

Turn-key rental generators feature pre-assembled components mounted on trailers. This allows rapid mobilization to your site when you need emergency power.

They can be delivered, installed and running in less than 24 hours in most cases. Minimal site work and permitting is required since these generators are temporary. No facility modifications are needed either.

Multiple Fuel Options

Turn-key rentals offer flexible fuel choices including diesel, natural gas or propane to meet operational needs:

Fuel supply and planning are part of a complete temporary power solution.

When to Rent an Industrial Generator

There are many scenarios where renting an industrial generator makes sense.

Emergency Power

Local grid failures happen more often than one might expect. From severe storms, accidents, and simply overloaded transformers, the causes of outages are many. Backup generators play a critical role in maintaining power to essential operations when the lights go out. These generators provide electricity for:

Rental generators offer a rapid response solution for emergency power needs until primary utility service can be restored. Rentals allow customized generator solutions without a large upfront capital investment. With quick delivery and setup, rental generators serve as an versatile emergency power safety net for many applications.

Planned Outages

You may also need scheduled supplemental power during planned grid outages. Utility companies and electrical infrastructure operators periodically need to conduct essential upgrade work, maintenance, and repairs to ensure the electrical grid keeps functioning properly. During these planned grid outages, relying on the grid for power will lead to disruptions for homes and businesses. Some examples of projects that require planned power outages include:

Renting generators for these planned events ensures you stay operational.

Peak Shaving

Some companies use rental generators for “peak shaving.” Peak shaving is the practice of reducing the amount of energy purchased from the grid during peak demand times. This helps reduce stress on the electrical grid infrastructure when electricity usage spikes to unusually high levels. Companies utilize peak shaving for several reasons:

Companies may utilize diesel or natural gas rental generator units sized to meet a portion of their facility’s peak load. The generators allow the company to temporarily reduce the amount of electricity drawn from the utility grid, while powering critical operations internally. This strategy shaves off demand peaks and saves money compared to solely relying on grid power at peak prices.

What to Look for in an Industrial Rental Provider

When choosing a rental provider, look for:


Select a vendor thoroughly familiar with industrial generators. They should have extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise with:

This hands-on expertise ensures generators are correctly sized and hooked up to meet your needs while complying with regulations.


The company should:

Having broad inventory depth and breadth readily on hand gives customers confidence they can get the equipment they need quickly.

Service Capability

End-to-end project coordination and service capabilities are essential when renting generators, including:

These services ensure optimal generator performance to meet power demands and minimize customer inconvenience.

Compliance Expertise

The rental provider should have expertise to ensure regulatory compliance:

This compliance assistance avoids violations or work stoppages. Their knowledge of the latest generator regulatory standards gives customers confidence in legal operation.

When comparing rental generator companies, don’t just focus on the daily or weekly rental rate. The total value comes from custom engineering solutions, rapid response and exceptional service.

Get Reliable Backup Power from the Experts

Losing power can devastate business operations and profitability. While a permanent backup generator is a major investment, rental solutions offer flexibility. When you need reliable electricity for a short or long term need, contact the experts.

JC Davis Rental has over 35 years of experience meeting customers’ portable and emergency power needs. Their extensive rental fleet includes industrial generators from 10 kW up to 2 megawatts.

JC Davis provides complete project coordination. This includes planning, delivery, installation, testing and fueling. They also offer 24 hour emergency service to keep your generator running.

Contact JC Davis Rental today for your modular, turn-key generator rental! Their team will customize the perfect power solution so you can keep your business up and running.