Mobile power generation can get pricey. And for many, the cost of not having power, or unreliable power, is even higher. When renting a mobile generator, there are a few things you need to consider before you make your decision. Often, there are a number of hidden costs and fees that aren’t always apparent like fuel, transportation, and setup. In this post from the JC Davis Power blog, we’ll discuss some common cost overruns that can occur when renting a mobile power generator.

Fuel, Hookup, Delivery and Running Hours charges

The single most expensive aspect of mobile power generation is fueling costs. It is also the most critical component to ensure reliable power. It seems simple, but without fuel, you don’t have power. The majority of mobile generators run on diesel. Using diesel to power something that has to be on 24/7 for months at a time can become surprisingly costly, and surprisingly time consuming. In most mobile power applications, fuel costs will exceed the rental equipment costs. On top of the fuel and fuel delivery costs, there is the coordination time required. Coordinating with dispatchers and fuel delivery drivers can add disruptions to your already full schedule. And if a fuel delivery is missed and the generator runs out, you are both without power and most likely in need of a technician to bleed the fuel system, charge dead batteries and restart the generator. Chances are, this doesn’t occur at a convenient time for you and the crew. 

Proper generator hookup is key to a safe and reliable system. Properly sized wiring, electrical distribution panels, cable routing to prevent damage or trip hazards, and cable ramps where needed are all key components to a smooth and successful job. Typically this is another trade that the customer has to coordinate and manage. It is also worth noting that most electricians are not trained on generator usage or sizing. Generators are simply used enough to be important to a commercial or residential electrician. This often leads to oversized generators, and excessive costs in one time use of materials. 

Before a mobile generator can provide power to your work site, it must be at the work site. The industry standard is for the generator to be delivered to the job site, and picked up after the job is completed. This transportation will both be separate charges when renting a mobile generator from most generator rental companies. Often it is simply billed as “cost plus” which means you won’t know the cost until you get the bill. If you want to arrange your own transportation, then your time is spent dealing with calls and texts to dispatchers, drivers, and yard managers to coordinate and ensure your equipment arrives on time.  

One often unexpected and very large surprise that comes with generator rentals are engine running hours charges. Traditionally, quoted rental rates are based on 40 hours of engine usage per week. With most rental tools this works fine, but generators are different. Many applications require 24/7 electricity just as you would have if you were connected to utilities power. This often doubles the rental rate of the equipment to cover the extra wear and tear. And often, it is not billed until the generator is returned. This can be a very large and unpleasant surprise. If you are comparing pricing, be sure to verify how many engine hours are included in the rental estimate. 

With JC Davis Power our goal is to provide you with power, not just a generator. With this in mind, we include round trip freight in every estimate we provide. Our estimate is up front and a fixed price. In addition, we will coordinate the delivery completely. By handling the delivery, hook up, routine fuel and service, we can streamline the entire process and to be quick and efficient. 

At JC Davis Power, we’re proud to offer an all-in-one mobile generator service in Texas and the surrounding states. With our Power-as-a-Service model the price you receive from your estimate is the price you’ll pay for everything related to your rental. That includes delivery, setup, and fueling with no unexpected charges when the job is over.

 We’ll even refuel your generator for you without you having to mention it thanks to our state-of-the-art monitoring systems. 

Outages & Lost Productivity 

Outages are a situation that anybody using a generator has to prepare for. For those using a generator to light a job site or power a mobile office, an outage has the potential to put a halt to the work that’s being done. This becomes even more of a risk when the generators are being used to power something critical, like cold-storage for vaccinations or other perishable items. For some job sites and mobile offices, generator outages are a worst case scenario. 

With a generator outage comes lost productivity. In the event that your generator goes out, will the rental company be on the scene to fix it at 2 in the morning? Chances are that your generator rental company doesn’t offer around the clock repairs and maintenance. That means it’s time to send the crew home until the rental company can get on the job site to perform repairs, or even request a replacement unit, which can extend the time that your team can’t work by even longer. 

Generator outages can become incredibly costly with no extra fees from the generator rental company. Unproductive man hours, loss of critical power, and schedule delays can easily eat up your profits. At JC Davis Power, we pride ourselves in our 24/7 mobile generator monitoring services. We proudly hold a 99.9% uptime for all of our mobile power and lighting solutions, and in the rare event that your JC Davis power mobile generator rental goes out, no need to call us — we’re already on it. Our mobile monitoring service alerts our technicians to any potential issues before, and when they occur, so we can ensure that your job site or mobile office is receiving the power it needs around the clock. 

JC Davis Power Is The All-In-One Texas Mobile Generator Rental Company 

At JC Davis Power, we’re all too familiar with the potential money and time sinks that can come with mobile power generation. That’s why we strive to provide an all-in-one and stress free mobile generator service. When we provide you an estimate, that is the price you will pay. This includes fueling, maintenance, and any other cost that you’d typically incur when renting a mobile generator. With our 24/7 mobile generator monitoring systems, we know exactly the status of your generator at all times, and we’ll be notified as soon as our system picks up an issue before, or as it happens. Things like the generator running low on fuel will be a non-issue, as our team will be there to refuel before it ever stops running. 

For site lighting and mobile office power generation services that won’t break the bank, reach out to the team at JC Davis Power today, online or over the phone. We’ll be happy to provide you with a power generation or lighting solution for your needs, as well as an all-inclusive estimate that covers your entire generator rental. JC Davis Power will never surprise you with hidden fees, as we know that your job is on a budget and anything over budget can cut into your profits. Does your team need mobile power solutions? Reach out to our expert team today to get matched with the perfect solution for your needs.