Tier 4 emissions refer to a set of standards put forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA. There are 4 tiers of emission standards, each dictating the approved amount of exhaust emission is allowed for different kinds of vehicles and engines. Tier 4 emissions standards are the latest put forward by the EPA, and these standards are applicable to new engines found in off-road equipment, typically used in construction, mining, and more. The EPA’s emission standards are also applied to generators, typically those that are rated at 56 kW or greater. In this post from the JC Davis Power blog, we’ll discuss tier 4 emissions as they relate to power generators, and why this new emission standard matters to the power generation industry. 

What Exactly Are Emissions Standards? 

Emission standards were created by the EPA in an effort to reduce the emissions of particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, and other pollutants generated by new diesel engines that won’t be used for road applications. As a part of this clean air initiative, the EPA created New Source Performance Standards, also known as NSPS to regulate emissions on a national level. These NSPS are designed to become progressively more stringent over time to improve the quality of the air in the United States, without causing a negative impact on the environment. 

What Tier 4 Emissions Effects

Both users and manufacturers of diesel generators are affected by the tier 4 emissions standards put forth by the EPA.  All newly manufactured diesel generators rated at 56 kW and higher must be compliant with tier 4 emissions standards. Manufacturers are changing the way that generators are designed to comply with tier 4 emissions standards. Things like using fuel injection technology, recirculating exhaust gas, and redesigned combustion chambers are common tactics that manufacturers are using to make their generators compliant. This change in how generators are manufactured comes with an increase in prices for those that are purchasing and using these generators. Since tier 4 emissions were put forth, the price of generators rated at 56 kW has risen considerably. 

Benefits Of Tier 4 Emission Standards 

While it may seem that tier 4 emission standards are all bad news for users and manufacturers, they actually come with quite a few benefits when compared to non-compliant generators. The benefits of tier 4 emission standards are significant emission reduction which truly does assist in protecting the environment and eliminating pollution. Users can enjoy quieter and more reliable operations, increased fuel efficiency, and advanced technology that overall benefits the performance of the unit. This results in increased productivity and performance for whatever application in which you may need mobile power generation. 

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